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12.9. - 14.10.

About Curated by

In its fifteen years of existence, the gallery festival Curated by has developed into a central and indispensable event for contemporary art in Vienna, which - supported by selected Vienna-based galleries - has become an international showcase for the city. The focus on content through the annual theme, the international orientation through the choice of curators and artists, the unusual format as a festival, and the collaborative shoulder-to-shoulder approach of the galleries make Curated by a unique contemporary art project with international reach.

The Neutral

After last year's theme was determined by an initiator, this year's theme and title were democratically chosen by all participating galleries. The Neutralilluminates a political and aesthetic strategy that has become increasingly ambivalent in the present. At the latest with the epochal turn of events a year ago, the question and the concept of neutrality have returned to the center of political and cultural attention.
„What does it mean to be neutral? Can we really afford to choose neutrality as a guiding principle for political action?”

The impulse essay by Maximilian Geymüller, which can be read → here, is not only available to visitors but will also serve as an initial framework for all invited curators.